For the last over 2000 years since the first church, architectural designs have evolved a great deal. More colour is making its way into the interior decor of the church. The church has become more experiential slowly breaking away from the orthodox way of  conducting service. Anyone who has grown up in the mainstream church, knows that there is a lot of reservation with being flashy in design of the church.

Now, more is expected from the church experience. Music is key for any church so the acoustics of the Faith Evangelical Ministries, Karen had to be top notch. Bands and the praise and worship team needs ample space to practice their craft. Churches hold concerts therefore this space had to be enough to hold a crowd. Theatre is appreciated more in church and the stage being their playground, had to be perfect.

JD Construction was tasked with the task of interior designing of the FEM, Karen. We took over the project while a lot of the architectural designs had been implemented and what was lacking was a touch of flair. This is one of the best projects thus far. We manipulated the different spaces to suit the needs that the various members of the FEM family.


What better way to welcome people to the house of God than a sturdy Lamu door with a subtle medieval touch. This was out of the box for the client but it added a sense of authority which is well placed for the church. We designed the 4 – inch thick door from designs we have picked globally but instead of using metal handles we used mvuli wood handles. A balance between strength and warmth. We however had to import hinges strong enough to hold the door but can stay hidden to maintain the beauty of the entrance.

Main entrance Lamu door




We can confidently say that with the recent surge of international artists touring Kenya, specifically gospel artists, FEM, Karen is the ideal location given its 4000 seater main sanctuary. Bearing this in mind we perfected the acoustics of the space to allow the congregation have an amazing sound experience whether during the Sunday Service , church plays or  concerts.

The altar bulkhead

Main Sanctuary 

Two things went into deciding the kind of seats and design of the seating area; functionality and aesthetics. Theatre seats are ideal for the church and the different levels of seating area was to ensure that everyone can engage with the happenings at the altar.  We designed the theatre seats  with quality fabric and arm rest with Mvuli wood giving it a nice touch. Boosted by the acoustics, everyone gets the same experience despite sitting position.

Overview of the church


The red and black give just the right sophiscation

 Executive Lounge

I. Reception



When deciding the look and feel of the office, we were guided by the needs of the occupants of the office. Quiet space to prepare sermons by having neutral colours and subtle designs but still keep enough space to hold meetings. Secondly, our vision was to create a presidential lounge with world class standards.  To give it what we like to call the JD  touch we used gold plated aluminium and for the cabinetry we used our signature Mvuli wood.

A fusion of different textures like marble to add some spice the executive office
Another space in the executive lounge

This room is especially special because we used the light both natural and  artificial. The marble gives it a different tone and elevating the class of the space. Depending on what time it is during the day you can switch the mood of the room with just the light.  The executive lounge comes complete with a spacious bathroom. The mirror is to give the room even more space. The frame and the mirror and the art pieces bring the theme of the executive lounge into the bathroom._MG_9642_MG_9640

Lounge/ Terrace

One of the favourite times during church is catching up with friends and family and  have some brunch as well after church. How about if we bring that to the church so that you do not have to leave? The terrace/lounge at FEM is where you can enjoy some family time without having to move around much. Here you are served with both space and magnificent views. We brought the outside inside which influenced the use of the artificial green grass carpet. On the other side of the terrace we gave it a raised floor decking to give it a cabin feel. The whole space gives you a forest feel.



The view from above with palm trees caressing the glass

 On your way out is a walking path that would have easily been good without any additional design. But we gave in to the urge of perfecting the exterior to give a tease of what awaits on the inside. The mvuli wood is dominant here. Initially there was the traditional pillars that are used at the entrance of the church. We used the wood for the whole space.


Seeing this project coming to life while we were pressed for time (read 7 months) and lots of trying new things, is such a joy for us. We have pushed the boundaries to make sure both the client and the congregation get the best out of this space. FEM, Karen is proof that JD Construction is determined to go the extra mile and to deliver on the promise of excellence. We invite you to  take a personal visit to the church and have a first hand experience of the place.