Before you read anything, read the first part of this blog here then this will be better. In the first post we talked about the working space, today we look at the chilled out spaces. First up is the Executive spaces where the MoDe CEO, Julian Kyula  carries out his day to day activities. One can quickly pick out the personal touch that has gone into it.

Executive Offices (Spaces)

Hallway to grandure


The reception and waiting bay. Tempted to poke the seat?
Close Up


Front View

You know the rule about celebrating little successes, Kyula has this beautiful wall of fame where you can see his accomplishments. That is how you stay motivated.

Wall of Fame

Board Room

There is something about boardrooms. They feel like a battlefield where only the strongest will survive. Usually they are dark and to be honest that just makes me suspicious creep most of us out. We white and light plus signature art pieces and now people love the boardroom. They can now see the boss’ face.



The Creche

Work spaces are now trying to incorporate their employees  needs at work so that the staff can give their best without distractions. New mothers can have their children at work without the stress of having to look for nannies or day cares. Now that is a millennial working space.


Gaming Room

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy and Jane an angry girl.

Foosball to ease the pressure
It is not as easy as it looks…Air Hockey


Wide view of the gaming room


The theater to binge watch  favourite flicks (hopefully ) after hours

Chill Spots

And is that was not enough, there are more spaces to just chill and let your hair down as you can see below.

It is no secret that the work space has come a long way from old white boring walls that have no inspiration at all. Work spaces should be fun. When everyone brings a piece of them to work it creates a sense of ownership and which then translates to more passion at work, creating a responsibility and eventually a job well done.Want to spruce up your space? We are just a call away.