By now you already know who JD Construction Limited are, right? No? Okay. We are the people who took on the challenge of creating a masterpiece of a house and it worked. You can read about here.  You can check out our Facebook page as well catch up with what we have been up to. Speaking of cool stuff, allow me to indulge you in a space that we have recently worked on. Meet Mobile Decisioning  Africa (MoDe).

MoDe is a company that provides mobile credit services and has a footprint in 28 countries. Do not let the nature of the job fool you. MoDe has one of the swankiest offices ever. It has the balance of a professional modern working space and freedom that allows for creative inventions to take place. From the moment you enter the door, you know that this is no ordinary office. Below is a sample photo of what the space looked like before JD Construction Limited waved their magic wand on the space.


Nothing says welcome…


Than colour and lots of more colour


Empty shell…


to pure classic beauty

Gone are the days of having boring desks at the reception. Instead the team used Mvuli wood and lots of colour. What is more welcoming than a splash of orange?

No more boring receptions …  🙂
The perfect waiting bay
Yellow being a happy colour and white making the space bigger just allows your mind to wander
Everyone has their own space within a community
How about a view that gets you excited to go work every day?

Hitherto the bosses were cooped up in an inaccessible room on the top floor and the most interaction you would have was a phone call. In this case the rule book has been ripped and the boss  is a ribbed wall away. Closed enough for their privacy and open enough to start a conversation.

The boss does not have to be far away


If you dread meetings, do not fret so do many people in work place. Bearing that in we made a few changes. Nothing dramatic we promise.

  • The meeting rooms are in the middle of the room making it the central point in the room where key decisions are made.
  • There are round tables in the meeting rooms as opposed to the high tables that are so intimidating. This makes everyone feel like part of a team.
  • Lastly they mix up the colours to shake up the thinking room.


As you relish the different spaces, be sure to watch out for the next post where we will show you more spaces at MoDe. Yes it gets better.