If you live in a small apartment because you are just starting out or you need to live closer to your work place, there is the constant urge to make it bigger. Moving or renovation might not be an option but there are things that you could do with the space and feel like you live in a mansion (not really but something close to that). Here are tips to transforming your house into a castle.

  • Paint or wall paper the ceiling to make it taller as opposed to a limitation of space. While at it have light colours in the walls and the floor to complement the ceiling. Merged together it creates an endless space. Light walls also reflect light as opposed to dark colours absorbing it. Wall paper ceiling


  • Put any kind of furniture away a few inches from the wall to create an illusion of space. You can use the space to store books, flower vases or scented candles.1
  • You should also try to improvise on storage. Have your table made in a way that beneath there is space to store items. Foot rests can also act as storage and chairs when you have your friends over.storage for small spaces
  • Have the shelves near the ceiling so that they are not encroaching on your space in the middle. Colour code the items on the shelf because order shows that there is a lot of space.Storage near the ceiling
  • Use decorating pieces that are bold and not many small ones because they cause clutter and use up your space. The same principle applies for furniture.Bold pieces for decorating
  • Incorporate striped floor rugs to make the room taller. To complement that separate the different spaces with rugs.Stripped rugs
  • For a tiny bathroom, use a clear shower curtain to open it up more.5
  • Leave your windows open to give a room more depth.Open windows
  • Your furniture should have exposed legs as it shows that there is room beneath.Furniture with legs
  • Do not forget the good old mirrors. Use tall mirrors that are artsy and they will make your space more expansive.Mirror to make spaces bigger
  • Finally, you do not need all that furniture. A sofa bed will occupy less space that an actual sofa and bed.Sofabed

Be sure to take lots of photos so that when you finally get your mansion, you can look back and be proud of yourself.