If you love excitement and passion of the colour red, the stability that browns bring into a room or may be the perfection (or mundanity) of whites, this post is for you. We are talking colours, beautiful furniture and décor that will simply blow your mind. Admittedly, we know we could do better with our houses  but we do not know where to start. When you first acquire a house, the obvious thing is to settle in, get furniture and curtains to match. Most of the time, the architectural design is beyond us hence subjecting us to live with a wall we cannot stand or a room  we just do not know what to do with. We therefore resign to it being a temporary ( read permanent) store for all our worldly possessions. In Kenya especially, houses are painted white; either sparkling or just the pale shade. You hang numerous paintings, toss in the floor rugs but boredom adamantly refuses to vacate. How then do you transform your house into a home? How do you restyle your house into a living room that captivates you, a kitchen that inspires a bravado of culinary art on its work surface? How do you create a secluded space to process your thoughts with a fine drink in hand? Demolish your house! Kidding. Do not do it yourself, you might end up homeless and in ruin… which is far worse than any bleak wall staring right at you.

The house you see today was previously a standard Nairobi residence; white walls (no hard feelings towards white walls), dining room, reasonable size kitchen. Basically, a good enough house to call your own. Then something struck Don;this was not the house he wanted but he had the ability to transform it. You see, Don is a partner at a construction company and over the years has developed his craft in Interior Design working on high profile projects, so why not his own home? And so he did.  After six months of hard work and days on end of experimenting with literally everything, Donald’s family finally had their dream home. Before breaking down the renovation details, have a look at the house before and after the transformation.


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Quiet an experience right! Let us uncover space by space.

Living Area 

Welcome home 🙂

Living Area 

To the left…colour play of monochromes

The red and grey fabric on the seat match the wall paper as the grey cushion complements them. The white lampshade is on a brown Mvuli Wood  stand, with the same browns reflecting in the painting above the chair. This also feels like where your, grandfather would sit while reading his paper when he visits.

To the right..more reds.

The walls are more subtle here. The vintage recliner leather seat stands out as a replica of the previous lampshade is placed behind it. See the wall that many would mistake for mazeras,is coral stone that brings calmness into all the excitement. The floor rugs match the granite on the corner of the room.

Je te prese’nte…the third room in the space

The grand wall fitted wall unit, marries well with the  TV, and while the anchor centerpiece establishes the heart of the home.

Kitchen: time for some chop ups

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The kitchen is the ultimate modern American kitchen that has lots of cabinetry work that invites much warmth, Chrome appliances and black granite kitchen tops to add some sophistication. The splurge of light is from a skylight to light up the windowless kitchen.

Dining Area 

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We all want to eat here…

The calming whites and warm browns bring so much comfort into the space

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Close up of an ocean themed art piece to complement the coral stone

Lounge Area

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put your legs up and relax

The lounge area has a contemporary theme to it with cool green blue curtains with a grey undertone and Maya blue curtain tassels that are very relaxing. The red and grey colours are here again making it feel like part of the house.

Library : Grab a book 

When you think of a library,a big study with big brown books comes to mind, nothing wrong with that, but you want to make reading fun.

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A wall fitted book case, brown  chairs and Mvuli wood table and stool.

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Awrought iron chair bringing the outside in paired with burlap print pillows to give a homely feel…love it!

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Fluffy pillows that make you want to curl up with a book.

You see! It is possible to bring your personality into your home. Break away from the norm and take a risk. We can do this and much more for you. Get in touch with us and let us turn your house into a home.